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Karen Lynch "I wanted to do something more personal." So in 2008, then aged 38, Karen resigned from her senior role at banking group Barclays. Also learning to live with type 1 diabetes, she and her husband travelled around the Caribbean, Vietnam and Thailand for six months. Upon returning to the UK Karen applied for and got a job as marketing director at Belu, the UK's first carbon-neutral bottled water firm and a social enterprise that gives all its profits to charity. Unfortunately, at the time it wasn't actually making any money. Set up in London in 2004, by 2008 it was saddled with debts of 1.9m. Karen realised that Belu needed a major shake-up if it was going to be a success, and after knocking up a business plan outlining her vision, eight months later she was promoted to chief executive. Her plan was to pivot the business away from targeting the supermarkets and their low margins, to instead focus on supplying the more lucrative hotels, restaurants and offices. Image copyright WaterAid Image caption Belu gives its profits to the charity WaterAid Belu had been founded by filmmaker Reed Paget, who stepped down from the top job for Karen to replace him. "Clearly it wouldn't have been the easiest time for either of us, but we did lunch and cleared the air.

The model and body positive advocate , 27, shared a Flashback Friday post on Instagram showing how her body transformed over the years once she stopped restricting herself to eating 500 calories day and began loving her body at its natural size. Recently I was looking for some documents, and I ended up stumbling upon my older modeling photos. I forgot how thin I actually was, and I was totally astonished by the comparison from then to now, Golden-Bhojwani tells PEOPLE. I felt really inspired to make a body positive post. I wanted to share my example of the fact that you dont always have to lose weight to become healthy and happy, sometimes it is the other way around. In her post, Golden-Bhojwani shared that when she was in the peak of her modeling career in 2012, she fainted from consuming too few calories. She decided to begin eating more - though she still was only consuming 800 to 1,200 calories a day - but that led her to gain weight, and she stopped booking jobs because of it. I was constantly blaming and beating myself up for failing, and I would always be devising the next intense regime plan to get back down to working size, she says.It was really an obsessive vicious cycle that always lead me back to square one. Unable to get her weight back down to where she wanted it to be despite being strict about her diet and working out constantly, Golden-Bhojwani wrote that she was in a bad state of mind, negative, depressed, overly emotional. I was miserable. Golden-Bhojwani decided to take a soul-searching trip to India, where she met her now-husband and decided to move there permanently. She also decided to stop fighting her bodys natural shape and began embracing it instead . I love that the curves that once haunted me and left me feeling ashamed and embarrassed of myself are now the reason I am filled with self-love, body positivity and pride, she says.

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