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We are a week or ten days ahead of schedule this year versus where we were last year, said Wes King, the General Manager of King's Garden Center. King does say that some plants could be damaged if you don't bring them inside. Tropicals, succulents, something from your house outdoors getting a little fresh sun, make sure ... Updated: Friday, March 10 2017 5:47 PM EST2017-03-10 22:47:01 GMT LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) A Bath County teen says that harsh weather can cause him severe pain because he is allergic to the cold. Kendall Daugherty's mother tells LEX 18 that with the huge swings in temperature this week, they've เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่นขายส่ง had to keep their guard up. The 15-year-old says that the cold air causes him severe pain, swelling, and in some cases, he could even stop breathing. Your skin gets real dry, and it will start to burn. Your eyes will burn, your ears will burn, ... LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) A Bath County teen says that harsh weather can cause him severe pain because he is allergic to the cold.

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