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We have been working with TerraCycle for six years, and through this broader collaboration our hope is to significantly increase the amount of beauty product empties that are diverted from landfills and recycled into useful materials to build green gardens." Garnier Takes Care of Our Planet The Garnier Beauty Recycling Program , in partnership with TerraCycle, is the world's first-ever beauty and personal care recycling program which facilitates the collection and recycling of beauty #empties that otherwise cannot be recycled by providing complimentary shipping of #empties to TerraCycle. Since inception of the program in 2011, the Garnier Beauty Recycling Program has diverted more than eight million empties out of landfills. These #empties were turned into pelletized lumber for raised garden beds, benches, trash receptacles and other elements for community green gardens. Garnier has donated five green gardens to organizations in New Orleans, Detroit and New York City, with three more planned in 2017. These gardens have engaged hundreds of thousands of individuals in the surrounding communities, and many of them grow fruit and vegetables for local schools in impoverished areas where children do not have access to nutritional lunches. Garnier's Sustainability Commitment Garnier's heritage is rooted in naturally-derived ingredients and formulas, with sustainability in its DNA. Today, the brand's global commitment to sustainability extends beyond the formulas; it's the cornerstone of the brand. Garnier is committed to developing products that take care of your skin and hair, as well as the environment: Garnier has created some of the greenest and most effective formulas made at zero waste facilities. Both Garnier Fructis and Whole Blends products are produced in a facility committed to sustainability.The facility has reduced waste and water consumption per unit by approximately 58 percent and 47 percent respectively, since 2005. Additionally the zero landfill site recovered 95 percent of its waste in 2015. Garnier Fructis has increased the amount of Post-Consumer Recycled Waste that the packaging is made from. The former packaging contained 30 percent Post-Consumer Recycled Waste; the new Garnier Fructis that launched in January 2017 contains 50 percent Post-Consumer Recycled Waste. Whole Blends' product packaging is made with 30 percent Post-Consumer Recycled waste.

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WhileSquare Roots mainly sells greens at farmer's markets in New York City,in late February, the acceleratorstarted delivering directly as part of a weekly subscription service for companiesin the area, includingVice Media, Kickstarter, and WeWork. According to Metro ,subscriberscan order bags of Square Roots greens online, and the farmers will drop them off. One bag costs $7 per week, and a seven-pack costs $35. The farmers have experimented with a number of business models since their first harvest in January. With the new delivery service, they are hoping to meet consumers where they are,Square Roots' cofounder, Tobias Peggs, tells Business Insider. View photos More (Bags of Square Roots greens.Sarah Jacobs) "What the farmers heard time and time again was that a lot of people in New York กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม wanted local food, and wanted to play their part in the real food revolution but they only ate at home once or twice per week," he says. In fall 2016, Peggs and Musk launched Square Roots one of Musk's many food ventures.For over a decade, he has runtwo restaurant chains, The Kitchen and Next Door , which serve dishes made strictly with locally-sourced meat and veggies. In 2011, he starteda nonprofit programthat has installed" Learning Gardens "in over 300 schools, with the intention of teachingkids about agriculture. Square Roots hopes to expand to 20 cities by 2020.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit found by BBC Monitoring 6 March 2017 LinkedIn Image caption "Are you a spinster?!" The billboards appeared along main roads in Cairo over the past week An Egyptian company's attempt to tackle gender stereotypes has backfired after its latest advertising campaign was accused of reinforcing negative attitudes towards women. "Are you a spinster?!" reads one billboard promoting Sunny cooking oil, alongside a picture of a young woman looking down in resignation while several fingers point at her from the back. Other billboards in the campaign use Egyptian proverbs, including one that says: "Break a girl's rib and she will grow 24 more." In a much smaller font, the adverts encourage women to share their opinions on the stereotypes through the company's Facebook page. The marketing agency behind it told Egypt's Dream TV that the idea was to create new, positive slogans inspired by women's own stories. But the campaign's approach was swiftly criticised. "These are the kind of phrases we want to erase from our dictionary," said TV anchor Lamis al-Hadidi, adding that the wording was unacceptable even as a shock tactic to draw attention to a positive message. There was a similar reaction on social media, where many users felt the billboards would simply reinforce sexist ideas. The head of the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights said the company should have sought expert advice on how to convey its message. "Social change has specific mechanisms," Nihad Abo al-Qomsan told Dream TV. "You cannot change a mental image by spreading it on billboards." Egypt's Consumer Protection Agency has now intervened on legal grounds and the billboards are in the process of being removed, according to the Mada Masr news website .

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